Monday, March 28, 2011

Future Loomings

What's the word? Prescient foresight? Obvious stupidity?

So. Obama speechifies about LIB-yah tonight. Meanwhile UN and UK psyops are warning GUH-daffy's frenzied hangers-on to drop off and scuttle away, because Something Is Going To Happen. Did I mention, Obama the World Community Organizer will be speechifyin' 'bout LIB-yah tonight?

We're filling in the big blank screen with Mythbuster's-style C4 and gasoline hellstrom, but that's only speculation at this point, and not the main point. The main point is this:

A billion world Muslims, most of them peaceful as apple fandowdy, are going to be watching this, wondering whatever might be any difference between tomorrow's history and yesterday's Crusades.



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