Thursday, September 23, 2010

Orphan's Cradle to Oerba, and Back Again

Chances are you'll get lost in Mah'habara trying to get back from Oerba. Just remember that Atomos takes you to Sulyya Springs, whichever of the two docking stations you leave from. Or else if you're at Sulyya Springs, he takes you to the middle of Mah'habara. So, to get out of Mah'habara and back to the Archylte Steppes you have to jump over Atomos, then hug the left wall until you get out.

The graphic is a bit mysterious. To clarify, Atomos is a huge, rolling metal sphere with red hot teeth like a buzz saw. Left to itself, it rampages around cutting out new tunnels. If you find it docked, you can board him and ride to Sulyya Springs — or back again to the middle of the map.

You should already know how to go from Vallis Medea to Orphan's Cradle, and vice versa.



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