Monday, October 26, 2009

The Paeans of Unbearable Tedium

I forget the name, but a hymn turned up at Sunday's mass which included the line, "After the first ten thousand years [of praising God], we can all start over just like it was the beginning..."

You can. I'll be chatting up Charles Darwin, if he notices me. Or playing golf.

You do realize that golf and evolution were invented by the devil, right? So golf in heaven is impossible? Every stroke there is a hole in one. We'll have to visit the precincts of hell to get a good game in. Of course, every country club in the world has already been annexed to the sloughs of Despond, so there is never any waiting...

It's a joke. By a quirk of fate, golf and evolution have nothing in common, except for delusional male golf attire which, like apocryphal saltpetre, actively mitigates against natural selection.

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