Monday, December 29, 2008

Tel Aviv goes it alone

I'm astonished that a pipsqueak little dirtpatch like Israel, just half the size of the Netherlands but armed with nuclear weapons nevertheless, would ignore the entire globe, launch a fanatic "final solution" strike against the Gaza Strip, and drag civilization yet again to the brink of nuclear Armageddon in the process.

The obstacles in the way of peace, under these conditions, are easy to enumerate: 1) Ehud Barak. 2) ........(in distant second, since they're welding those short range rockets out of tailpipes)........ Hamas.

Well, we Americans have successfully managed to ignore Darfur for ages, shunning involvement in a terminal virulence that has no apparent end, good or otherwise. The deaf American ear and the cold American shoulder can easily extend almost by default to dinky pariah nationlets in the Middle East that lack significant reserves of light sweet crude.

It's ironic that Joe Biden's remark that President Obama would be tested almost immediately should be so prophetic. Obama hasn't even been sworn in, yet, so I suppose the lash falls on Bush's tortured backside. Gee, Condi, no legacy for the cowboy?



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