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Miscellaneous B-links

Bug Girl's Blog is worth checking out before you get into the rest of this miscellaneous stuff that's been accumulating in my bee bookmarks list.

grikdog's Miscellaneous Bee Stuff (to date)

PLoS Biology - What's Killing American Honey Bees?
Tupelo Honey For Sale Online - Tupelo Honey from Wewahitchka Florida - Smiley Apiaries
Tupelo Honey for sale online directly from Wewahitchka, Florida A Spring without Bees: How Colony Collapse Disorder Has Endangered Our Food Supply: Michael Schacker, Bill McKibben: Books A Spring without Bees: How Colony Collapse Disorder Has Endangered Our Food Supply: Michael Schacker, Bill McKibben: Books "Bees"
A list of products including,
Betterbee's News Page, what we are doing to better serve you.
Betterbee's News Page, what we are doing to better serve you.
Beekeeping Journal Beekeeping Equipment & Supplies Beeswax Candles Apiculture Equipment
Dadant & Sons Inc. specializes as a Beekeeping Journal. Dadant & Sons Inc. offers Beekeeping Equipment & Supplies, Beeswax Candles, and Apiculture Equipment
Bee and Beekeeping Supplies Mann Lake Ltd
Bee and Beekeeping Supplies Mann Lake Ltd provides beekeeping supplies nationwide to hobby or commercial beekeepers, big or small. We manufacture and supply beekeeping hobby starter kits, protective clothing, beekeeping veils, high fructose corn syrup, beeswax foundation, hive frames (6 1/4
Indian Creek Nature Center

Honey Bee (Apis mellifera)

National Honey Board: Honey Industry
National Honey Board
Description and taste of honey varieties, flavor of honey including clover honey, wildflower honey, goldenrod honey, sunflower honey, buckwheat honey and orange blossom honey
Taste and description honey varieties including clover honey, wildflower honey, goldenrod honey, bamboo honey, buckwheat honey and orange blossom honey
Beekeeping/Comb Honey - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks

Queen bee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Imker – Wikipedia

Beekeeper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sue Bee Honey >> About Honey >> FAQ's

To Bee or not to Bee
The "yellow" and the "brown" bees are two of the 25 subspecies that honeybees are divided into. The brown bee can be further divided into a number of genetically distinct varieties. Danish biologists are researching the genetic
Bee stings (good venom article)
Wasp, bee, ant and insect stings and bites cause allergic reactions that can be very dangerous - learn about precautions, treatment and the insects on this well resourced website.
honeybee venom SpringerLink

Apiculture (Beekeeping) and Social Insects | Iowa State Entomology Index of Internet Resources
A complete, annotated guide to insects and insect-related information on the internet.
8 oz. Star Thistle (5-Star) hexagonal glass Gift jar
Varietal, single floral source honey, light color, in 8 oz. glass jar
Bee Legends
There are many legends from many countries associated with bees - far too many to be covered in any detail. The Bible, particularly the Old Testament, is rich in quotations.
Honey Bee Research : Africanized Honey Bees

Miller's Honey contact page
Come visit Miller's Honey Company, thesweetest website onthe WWW, home to delicious honey and perfect gifts!
ARS : Questions and Answers: Colony Collapse Disorder

Colony Collapse Disorder: A Complex Buzz

American Beekeeping Federation | Serving the Industry Since 1943

Bees and Beekeeping Forum - GardenWeb
This forum is for the discussion of bees and their roles as pollinators and honey producers.
Apiary Honighäuschen on the Drachenfels Mountain in the Siebengebirge National Park
Apiary Honighäuschen at the Drachenfels with information about beekeeping, honey and beeswax products, guided tours for visitors, solitary bees and hornets can be seen at our exhibition stand.
The Hive and the Honeybee Collection, Your Online Sourcebook for Beekeeping all information, products and services for beekeeping
YouTube - Beemaster's Installing honeybees Method
Installing a package of honeybees, the beemaster "less Stress on the bees" method
Beemaster Home Page - Alles über Honig!

The monk and the honeybee

B. Weaver Apiaries
B. Weaver Apiaries
La ruche Dadant.
Ce qu'est la ruche Dadant, ses dimensions et sa hausse.
Cet insecte: l'abeille.
La vie de l'abeille est fascinante et ici quelques uns de ses secrets vous sont dévoilés. Vous serez conquis par son organisation, sa vie, ses moeurs et aussi simplement par cette infatigable travailleuse.
Die Honigbiene
Hier erfahren Sie einfach alles über das Reich der Bienen!
Neue Seite 2

Projekt Honigbiene, (c) Swen Buschfeld
Informationen über Organisation und Aufbau des Bienestaates. Mit Videosequenzen eines preisgekrönten Filmes über Honigbienen und -produktion.
Insektenbox: Honigbiene
Honigbiene, Bild und Angaben zur Lebensweise
Die Honigbiene - Ergebnisse einer Gruppenarbeit an einem hamburger Gymnasium

Länderinstitut für Bienenkunde - Biologie der Honigbiene

The Buzz Newsletter

U of M: Department of Entomology

Minnesota Hygienic Breeder Queens

Resources for Bee Breeding, Queen Rearing, Bee Research

05FallDwindleUpdate0107 (1).pdf (application/pdf Object)

Africanized Honey Bees: An Anthropologist's Perspective
Sting Shield Insect Veil - pocket size emergency-use protection against biting and stinging insects, including Africanized killer bees | POV | AHB | THE AFRICAN (BRAZILIAN) BEE PROBLEM | POV | AHB | Genetic Analysis of Commercial Honey Bees

Killer Bees - Africanized Honey Bees (DesertUSA)
Africanized bees acquired the name killer bees because they will viciously attack people and animals who unwittingly stray into their territory, often resulting in serious injury or death.
Honeybees and their Plight - DesertUSA

BeeHoo the beekeeping directory - Beekeeping - beekeeping suppliers, apiculture
Beehoo the beekeeping directory. More than 1000 beekeeping websites. All what you need about bees, beekeeping, suppliers,apitherapy, pollen , bee biology, hive products,apiculture in english and french.
UC Small Farm Program

Bee Culture - The Magazine Of American Beekeeping
Bee Culture, The Magazine Of American Beekeeping, is designed for beginning, sideline and commercial beekeepers who what the latest information on the science and art of keeping bees.
U of MN Bee Lab: Meet the Team

Cedar Rapids bee ordinance

Bee Alert Technology Inc.

NOVA Online | Tales from the Hive
NOVA Online presents Tales from the Hive
Honey Bee Research : Home

UGA Honey Bee Program

MAAREC - Mid-Atlantic Apiculture Research and Extension Consortium
The MAAREC - Mid-Atlantic Apiculture webpage is a regional effort to address
the pest management crisis facing the beekeeping industry in the Mid-Atlantic Region.
HAS • Heartland Apicultural Society • HAS
HAS, the Heartland Apicultural Society is an organization for beekeepers in America's Heartland. Annual conferences feature a variety of educational topics.
American Association of Professional Apiculturists
The University of California, Davis' Department of Entomology is world reknown for it's quality research and teaching. With additional facilities such as the Bohart Museum of Entomology, the Mosquito Research Center, the Center for Biosystematics and the Harry H. Laidlaw Jr. Honey Bee Research Facility, the UC Davis Entomology Department is one of the most recognized Entomology departments in the world.
Insects and Entomology | Iowa State Entomology Index of Internet Resources
A complete, annotated guide to insects and insect-related information on the internet.

Gary's home page 3

Pictues index

Vida Apícola: La revista digital de apicultura
apicultura, varroa, cria de reinas, revista apicultura, sector apicola, mieles, abejas, colmenas, enjambres, abejas de españa, apicultura en españa, mortalidad apicola, instalacion colmenar, mieles de españa, cata miel, mundo abejas, mundo apicola, iniciarse apicultura, apis mellifera, enfermedades abejas, propolis, polen
NATURE: Alien Empire - Enter the Hive

An africanized bee selection technique for the Eastern Mexico beekeeping

bees & things - Skeps

The Mediaeval Custom of Skep Beekeeping

Eva Crane | Times Online Obituary
Obituary for Eva Crane from The Times and Sunday Times.
Eva Crane was a towering figure in the field of beekeeping, one of its most
knowledgeable practitioners and prolific historians, and a powerful champion
of bees as a scientific subject.
G7600 Beekeeping Tips for Beginners, MU Extension
MU Extension, University of Missouri
Library - Beekeeping Wiki

Bee Info

Beekeeping - Article - The Kenya-To-Bar-Hive (KTBH) as a better hive in the developing World

Midnite Bee-Beekeeper's: Books

Apiservices - The Beekeeping portal - Le Portail Apiculture - Apicultura - Imkerei
Apiservices - All information about beekeeping, bees and honey - Toutes informations pour l'apiculture, les abeilles et le miel
The Ranger's Blog - Post details: Slovenian bee houses - not as crazy as they look.
The Virtual Ranger's blog

Beekeeping in Slovenia

News : : The 'hum' of the New Zealand beekeeping industry...
The 'hum' of the New Zealand beekeeping industry...

Apis-UK July 2005
Apis-UK July 2005. Editorial; Beekeeping news; Bee press; Research News; Articles: Bees and Gravitomagnetism (Part 1 of 4 ) Ian Rumsey; Size doesn't matter Mike Oliver; Honey Bee Genetics Part 1; That's Business Chad Cryer; Recipe of the Month: Ensaimadas (Spanish sweet honey rolls); Suppressed Mite Reproduction (Smr) Fighting Varroa; Fact File: Pollen; Historical Note: Poem of the Month: The Bee by Emily Dickinson; Readers Letters: Natasha Fairbairn, Adam Triantis, Tunde Fimihan, Jerry Burbidge, Heinrich Gritsch, Chris Clarke; Diary of Events; Quote of the Month and more.
Bees for Development :: Effect of Apis mellifera on indigenous plant and animal species in Japan
Rivendale Apiculture
Honeybee rescue, Western Cape, Dean 0824908561. If you notice a lot of bee activity around, chances are they’re scout bees looking for a new home. Placing a lure hive onsite could stop them from choosing your home as their final destination.

Observation and keeping of Japanese honeybees- new trials and the results

Japanese Honeybee

Bee Buzz Scares off African Elephants
Beehives—or even recordings of furious bees—may help African farmers defend their crops against marauding pachyderms, new research shows.
Bees Enlisted to Attack Crows in Tokyo
The birds and the bees are developing a new sort of relationship in Japan: scaring crows away from vulnerable seabirds' nesting site.
Bees' Buzzes Warn of Chemical Threats, Disease, Scientists Find
Honeybees change their buzz in the presence of toxins and diseases, scientists say, and a new "bee translator" could help humans pick up on the insects' alarm.
Mystery Bee Disappearances Sweeping U.S.
Without a trace, something is causing bees to vanish by the thousands. But a new task force hopes to finger the culprit and save the valuable crops that rely on the insects.
Bee Decline May Spell End of Some Fruits, Vegetables
Bees, via pollination, are responsible for 15 to 30 percent of the U.S. food supply. But in the last 50 years the domesticated honeybee population has halved, scientists say.
"Killer Bee" Touted as Economic Lifesaver in S. Africa
The African bee may be widely known as a "killer," but it's a life-saver for many people in South Africa. The government is touting beekeeping as a way to help poor families earn a living, and there are high hopes for marketing an alcoholic beverage made from honey.
Honeybee Genome Sheds Light on "Killer" History, Bee Secrets
New research may provide insights into the complex social structures, keen sense of smell, and complicated evolution of bees.
City Gardens May Drive Bee Diversity, Study Says
Urban gardeners planting choices may play an important role in bee diversity, according to a new study.
iQhilika, an African mead from Makana Meadery
A unique African mead



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