Friday, May 23, 2008

Not my fight, but...

Bukarumin, Japan's "village people," are (even these days) still invisible in plain sight, sort of like the Appalachian Scotch-Irish in our own country, possibly for similar reasons (losing the wrong war so long ago nobody even remembers what war that was — as it happens, not the War Between The States, nor even the Whiskey Rebellion, but a war fought and lost not even in this hemisphere — in northern Ireland and afore that, the highlands of Scotland!) Click above for a brief photo essay and introduction to some fascinatingly happy-go-lucky kindred spirits, albeit Japanese non-persons.

Incidentally, the term is Scotch-Irish, not "Scots-Irish," as scholastics, pedants and other high-falutin' know-nothings would have you believe. Ask the folks who call themselves that what it is they call themselves.



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