Sunday, May 11, 2008

Waiting Ten Seconds For Godot

Virtual Alan Ginsberg: "Say, Jack. If you ever met the Buddha on the road..."
Virtual Jack Kerouac: "Don't say it!"
Virtual Gary Snyder: "Oh, man, yeah, Jeez, like, what would you do? What would YOU do?"
Virtual Alan Ginsberg: "Who do?"
Virtual Jack Kerouac: "Efface yourself."
Virtual Gary Snyder: "Do who?"
Virtual Alan Ginsberg: "Natch."
Virtual Jack Flash: "Because...?"
Virtual Jack Kerouac: "Because the..."
Virtual Alan Ginsberg: "Buddha on the road..."
Virtual Gary Snyder: "Is none other than..."
Virtual Dave Garroway: "J. Fred Muggs!"
Virtual Alan Ginsberg: "Howling, man..."
Virtual Maynard G. Krebs: "Skipper? Have you ever noticed how broad Hillary Clinton's base really is?"
Virtual Skipper: "Well, that explains the pantsuit, little buddy."
Virtual Thalia Menninger: "Oh, pass the bongoes, Professor!"



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