Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I have a doubt...

As much fun as it was watching Larry Craig's career decrepitate and blow away like a Hollywood mummy, listening to that audiotape makes me doubt the cop had anything.

That's a classic "guilt trip" interrogation technique, where you harangue a suspect who's "agreed to cooperate" (i.e., he's given up his rights to remain silent and have an attorney present because not "agreeing to cooperate" is a slam dunk admission of guilt so far as the media is concerned) until he admits something, anything, real or not.

If it sounds familiar, it's the plot to I Know What You Did Last Summer and a hundred other bad B-movies. The schmuck is dazed and confused and feels guilty about something, right? The schoolyard stuff always works best. At least the cop didn't give Craig much more than a pile of innuendo and a verbal (if effective) wedgie... In Los Angeles, he coulda waterboarded him.

Sounds to me like this former "Law and Order" Senator was easy to bully. It would probably be useful to hear the "good cop" dialogue, since there were plainly three people in the room, but I've heard enough. The cop was on a fishing expedition, and the audiotape proves that more than anything it insinuates about Larry Craig, except for a few old saws about reaping the whirlwind, hoist by one's own petard, and suchlike.



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