Thursday, August 02, 2007

Funny how these things turn out

The Elder Wyrm saga, in my case, ended with my next-to-last man standing — Berserked and unresponsive, slowly dying from Poison. And he lost the countdown, and died, after finishing off E.W. I thought I'd lost, then the message came up to reform the party from reserve players... Groan, they all died, except...??!

Every one of my other players were Valhalla-bound, except my last reserve — Baasch, level 11, my most underdeveloped character. All he had to do was walk back and touch the orange save crystal... and all was well.

Got the Barheim key. Met Orthros and White Mousse (and died, died, died). Met the Ring Wyrm (and ditto, ditto, ditto). Got the Windvane and found the monster in the sandstorm. Too many options, not enough interest. Time to come up for air.



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