Saturday, July 21, 2007

Deathly Hallows Day

Actually, I'm playing Final Fantasy XII (see photo of Fran, left). Unlike the last two Potter volumes, my kid has made up a party of some friends (and their mom) and is off at the midnight bash at Barnes & Noble. Strange turn of events, getting... uhhh... old... :)

Stuck in the Barheim Passage right now. Finally tumbled to rotating through party members on the action menu, so Fran (say) can use her magicks.
[Update: The Mimic Queen is a lot easier than getting through the Passage to the Mimic Queen. Just set all your party's gambits to cast Blizzard on the leader's target, then stand as far away as possible back in the tunnel you arrived through.

After that... The Thextera lurking along the cliffs on the west side of Dalmasca Estersands is a gaudy nuisance, ain't it? Hedge Knights should have no problem, though.]



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