Monday, June 25, 2007

Stone Tales

Sente, Gote and Tenuki walk into a bar.

Sente slaps a five dollar goldpiece on the counter and yells, "Barkeep! Gimme a shot of redeye!"

Gote slides a silver dollar across the counter and politely asks, "I'd like a lager, when you've got a moment."

Tenuki sits down at a table in a corner as far away from Sente and Gote as she can get, then balances a salt shaker on a grain of salt.

A heavy metal band called Lemur Meat starts playing. Sente whips out a .44 derringer and shoots the guitar player in his package! The entire band screams and whirls as many, then falls flat on their faces.

Goke the undertaker rushes into the bar, assesses the situation and hauls the band out feet first.

Gote says, "No net?"

Goke says, "Nah, this group's dead."

(Sound of one hand clapping)



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