Monday, April 02, 2007

Nihon Kiin's New Go Game Machine 9x9

Don't let the little kid's smile fool you — she's a killer!

Seriously, this little igo program (shown running on Windows XP) is the first 9x9 player I've seen that lets you take back one, two, three or all moves, and replay them. Also has a hint button and a position evaluator as neat as SmartGo's or Many Faces'. You can play against three personalities — Hikaru, Yukari and Professor Owa* — and they're all about equally frustrating to lose to.

"Professor Owa" plays about evenly against GNU Go 3.7.10 at level 10, so... maybe somewhere between 9 kyu and 6 kyu?
Hikaru no Go
Umezawa Yukari, the 5 dan pro who vets Hikaru no Go
*Nobody in the show, must be the little guy on their Learn Go pages :)



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