Monday, October 16, 2006

Little Snitch caching DNS information: How to clear

From this afternoon:

MacFixIt reader David Oshel reports an issue where Little Snitch -- a tool for alerting the user of network activities -- appears to be caching DNS information which can cause problems with locating Web servers.

David writes:

"If you lose your website because your ISP has had to move your files to another server, and the two of you disagree about the IP address of your new site, it's probably because Little Snitch needs to be restarted. Apparently, it caches DNS information and won't update it even if you cold boot and power down your DSL modem. [...] I'm pretty sure that's what finally cured DNS on my iBook. The numbers were off by one in the third triad, and this was a real head-scratcher.

* old, never updated
* new, should have been updated in your dns system automatically

You can clear your Mac's DNS cache by entering the following command in the Terminal (located in Applications/Utilities):

* lookupd -flushcache


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