Monday, October 16, 2006

What's wrong with Michelle Wie?

My guess is, nothing. She's a normal 17 year old who doesn't use steroids and has a life — after school and sponsor commitments get done subdividing her time. And she pulled another $12,578 out of her driver sock for coming in 17th at the 2006 Samsung World Championship, talk about omens. AND her caddy seems to be Fanny Sunneson now. Kewl.

Somebody's been coaching her through the media circus, I noticed. She was asked about the Hawaii earthquake instead of golf — a fact I, a 24/7 newsaholic, was barely aware of — and she said all the expected insincere things right on cue. But you could detect the expletive dying of deletion in the gut reaction, then the double take as implications about friends sunk in.

[Update No casualities on the Big Island, apparently.]


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