Monday, September 06, 2010

May Day everywhere else in the world...

So how do you honor the "dignity of labor?" Contempt for wage slaves? Long hours without overtime? Redefining your 24-7 workers as "self-employed" contract labor, so you don't have to pay unemployment insurance, health or retirement benefits or paid vacation? Or worse, German style mandated paid vacation?

Labor management is a fraud in the United States. We should line 'em all up against the wall. That's my take on "Labor Day."

Since that's not likely to happen, we should give the Republicanians everything they want until the entire economic system collapses and American workers are herded out of suburbia and into the great proletarian gulags of corporate agriculture. The ultra-rich have to eat first, you know.

If there were no King, the strong would devour the weak.
                  — The Laws of Manu (IIRC)



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