Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Warm, breezy, Spring day

Nice and quiet and breezy and warm around here. Helicopter seeds filling every square inch of the lawn. The honeybee killers are out too, and overspraying every square inch of other people's lawns. Hey, if nobody's watching and everybody tacitly agrees that bluegrass monocultures are better than meadows, who cares if herbicide application certifications go by the boards? When those "lawncare" companies learn how to care for gardens, they'll earn my respect.

The other harbingers are out, too. I heard a red-winged blackbird yelling about which fenceposts were his, and over on Edgewood and 42nd, thereabouts, there was a guy and his wife peddling morels out of the back of a van — $25 for as many as you could snug into a Mason jar, not counting the big ones pointing out of the top of the jar.

Broke a tooth for lunch, so I have to head back to my dentist's office on Thursday. How rosy can your outlook get, before it's time to knock on the old blockhead again...? Nuts.



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