Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Brief Candles

I read this book (with this dust jacket!) when I was a kid (it was in my mother's pile of books from the public library in East Lansing, Michigan), and have been trying to recall the author's name for over half a century. It's part of a quartet of ghost stories, three featuring the Latimers1 and their monkey, and one concerning a German aristocrat2 whose castle has been invaded by film makers. Rue Morgue Press has reissued several of the Manning Coles books, including these, all in the same vein and genre as Thorne Smith's Topper books3 (or vice-versa).

1Brief Candles, Happy Returns, Come and Go (Rue Morgue Press)
2The Far Traveller (Rue Morgue Press)
3Topper, Topper Takes a Trip (Modern Library)

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