Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Security Tools for Ubuntu

Whaddaya know? There's a TrueCrypt for Linux! And the secure-delete package available in Synaptic has srm, secure remove with Peter Gutmann's algorithm (not to mention steghide and mcrypt...). Whee! All the stuff you need to get your Linux laptop impounded by TSA airport paranoia steam!

Update: Even though TrueCrypt uses Sarah Dean's OTFE library, it has implemented a few non-essential gotchas for careless or casual users. For one, the TrueCrypt GUI violates "plausible deniability" by providing three over-the-shoulder mounted volume types (Normal, Outer and Hidden). For another, ~/.TrueCrypt/Default Keyfiles.xml and ~/.TrueCrypt/Favorite Volumes.xml contain unencrypted, readable text which helpfully records the pathnames of your "secret" files. And again, only one fs type (FAT) is supported. The implications for "plausible deniability" are left as an exercise for the reader. LUKS, anyone?

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