Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Polls are Still Open: Obama Wins Pennsylvania

[Update: Clinton won after all. How's the ol' warchest holding up, 'ey?]

[FLASH: This just in!]

Hillary Clinton seems to have blown a fuse in the high-energy conclusion to the Pennsylvania Democratic primary when she threatened to obliterate Iran if it launched a nuclear attack on Israel, placing her squarely in the debilitating Lieberman tumor of the Democratic party, not to say wing.

Aside from resurrecting Mutual Assured Destruction, the doctrine Reagan struggled so hard to retire to the scrap heap of history, Hillary's saber-rattling diatribe ignores the incontrovertible fact that, unlike Iran, Israel actually does possess nuclear weapons and is capable of launching its own preemptive thermonuclear strikes (referred to somewhat disingenuously as "second strike capability") without pausing for advice and consent from Yet Another Superfluous Clinton.

Voters nation-wide, let alone Pennsylvania, are not fond of madwomen in powerful positions. Maggie Thatcher's War was a teensy, weensy skirmish (apologies to the British Navy who lost a ship to an Exocet missile down there in the Maldives) with no impact on the rest of the world; who makes treaties with Argentina, anyway?

Hillary, now merged inextricably into the Bush mindscape as another Hawk At Any Cost, may now be the world's first lame-duck Presidential candidate, and not a minute too soon.



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